About Me

Who I am

Amir KaramujaBefore getting into where I am at right now, I will start out by giving you a quick synopsis of my life until now. I was born in Slovenia, where I lived until 1991. When the civil war broke out in Yugoslavia my family and I moved to Germany where we stayed for almost nine years.

Although the circumstances were less than ideal, the move to Germany provided me with a lot of opportunities that I may not have had otherwise. I was able to add another language to my repertoire and develop under one of the best educational systems in the world. Moreover, I was submerged into a culture of hard work, organization and loyalty. Unfortunately, just as I had gotten settled in I was forced to move yet again. In 1999 my life journey took me to the United States where I was challenged with a new language and new culture once more.

There you have it! Currently I am living in Des Moines, Iowa and have been working as a graphic designer and web developer since graduating from Grand View University (2006). I really couldn’t tell you whether I enjoy web development or graphic design more. Nowadays the lines between web and graphic design have been blurred and there is a lot of crossover between the two professions. Good design is no longer limited to print, and people demand web pages that not only look great but are also functional and user-friendly.

My Work

My WorkI am currently working full-time as a Creative Director / Web Developer for the Iowa Medical Society. I love the expressive nature of graphic design and have always been fascinated by the integral role graphic design plays in our lives.

Everyone is connected to the graphic design world in some way. The book you read (we design the cover), the food you eat (we design the package), the website you visit (we design the layout)! There is no escaping it, graphic designers shape the world we live in and that’s why I love this profession!

Very early in my career I also dove into the world of web design and web development. There is something very gratifying about writing a piece of code that executes properly and makes a user’s browsing experience better. The future of web development is something to really be excited about, because websites are becoming powerful applications capable of delivering content that is exciting and intuitive.

I am always looking for freelance projects small and large, so if you are in need of graphic or web design please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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What I like to do

SushiI am a big outdoors and activities person! I love to play soccer, basketball, tennis, chess, and fish. Being physically active keeps me relaxed, healthy and motivated! However, I also indulge in a good video game from time to time.

I love Italian, Japanese and Bosnian food although I’m hardly someone that you would call a picky eater.

Inspiring books I recommend

  • Crime and Punishment – Dostoevsky
  • How much land does a man need? – Tolstoy
  • Invisible Man – Ellison
  • Tonio Kroeger – Mann
  • Metamorphosis – Kafka
  • Hamlet – Shakespeare
  • 1984 – Orwell
  • The Descent of Man – Darwin
  • Hunger – Knut Hamsun

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